Dating for Parents, Kids Aren't the Problem You Think They Are

Recently a friend asked me how I approached dating my wife many years ago, as I looked at him he added, you know how did you deal with the kids and the ex always being around to see them? This got me thinking, how many men seem to see the single mum and her children before they see the real woman inside. They see the kids and the kid's father as their main problem. Yes dating for parents is always going to involve the kids, in many cases on both sides, but it really isn't the main issue at all. Nor should it be the reason that you turn down a relationship with a beautiful woman just because she has kids.


You've got to understand that every single mother is a woman first and mum second. When you meet a woman that you think you may get on with, whether it's on a dating website, or out with friends, and then find out she has kids think about how you get on with this person first and then think about the kids. Yes the kids will be an issue that has to be dealt with, but don't get preoccupied with them, always look at this new person for what she is and how you get on first.


Your able to do this and before you know it the dating has turned into a relationship, it's now that you must deal with the kids, not before. The priority is to reassure her that you don't in any way see the children as a problem, because believe me every single mum dating again after leaving her previous relationship will be acutely worried about how men are going to view her now that she comes with 'baggage'.


Ask about the kids routines, learn to work out when it's best to see each other around the kids, do this and you'll reassure her that you realise that she has commitments, but that you are prepared to work around them. As time goes on offer to mix seeing each other with the kids around and slowly learn to get to know them and see them as new friends.


Make sure you see their dad as an opportunity, not an obstacle, after all he's a free baby sitting service there and willing to be used! Reassure him that you are in no way trying to replace, or compete with him, make sure that he knows that yes you are dating his children's mum, but you also value his input with his children. And don't get jealous about him still being around, he's around because he is the children's father and nothing else.


Whatever you do see that woman for what she is first before seeing problems that really don't exist. Dating for parents isn't about the kids, it's about normal people wanting to find love, friendship and everything in between, so make sure you don't miss out on that great woman just because you can't see past the fact that she's a single mum.

Single Parent Dating Conversation Tips

Single parent dating can be nerve-wracking. Besides worrying about if you will like your date and how you look, you may be wondering what you will talk about. Below are some conversation tips.


First, keep in mind that the best conversationalist is the one who does not do most of the talking. Have some questions in mind that will give you insight into your date's personality. These might range from hobbies and favorite foods to basic background and career questions. As your date talks, show you are interested in what he or she is saying by asking more relevant questions and paraphrasing some of the responses to demonstrate that you are really hearing what is being said.


Should you talk about your kids? Your date will probably be interested in the basic information such as how many and their ages. Other than that, you really shouldn't discuss them. One reason is that in case this person turns out to be unsafe, you won't want him or her to know how to access your children. Also, you want this new person to get to know you and not your kids.


What if your life revolves around your kids? It's pretty common for single parents to be so busy with work and basic survival that they don't take time for themselves. Reach back to the time when you weren't so busy and reconnect with those things that make you interesting. Maybe you don't have time for hobbies right now, but you can still talk about activities you have liked to do in the past. After all, the kids will be grown someday, and you will have time to be 'you' again.


You should avoid some topics. Questions about career should not veer in any way over to the amount of money made. Really, finances should not be discussed at all. You may be broke, but letting your date in on that secret right away may scare him or her away. And, you do not want to give the appearance that you are just looking for someone to pay your bills. This is also not a good time to bring up your home or car repair needs, or worse, childcare issues. You want to convey that your life is under control and that you are not looking for someone to rescue you. Be pleasant – complaining or being negative will rarely win points for you with the other person.


Be prepared. Have a list of conversational starters in your head so that you don't go through an awkward silence period. This is especially helpful if you tend to be shy. You might want to avoid potentially volatile topics like politics or religion and stick to more general topics.


Single parent dating can be an interesting and sometimes enjoyable experience. Follow the tips above to avoid making conversational mistakes.


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Finding the Best Mini Camcorders

Absolutely, the larger the camcorder, the more megapixels and better editing you can do. Although, chances are that generally digital camcorder consumers are just the occasional user who wont use the time and effort on cropping little parts of a film or picture which is hardly even apparent. Generally HD camcorder customers will normally stick with the paper size image of 8×11 inches. A 9+ megapixel digital HD camcorder is hardly necessary to catch a beautiful picture. It is smart to pick out the digital camera that best fits your requirements. So remember, you do not need some 13.8 megapixel digital camera to catch your beautiful picture! A convenient pocket digital camcorder in reality will do the job.


Nearly all HD camcorders have usually a 4x optical zoom. Surprisingly, a slighter effortless to operate pocket digital camcorder might have up to a 12x optical zoom. As a result whether or not you are going for a lengthy shot from the back seat of a rock live show, or a close up, you could have the particular image or film you are aiming to capture. So deciding on a model such as the Aiptek dv5900 5megapixel pocket digital camcorder would be a great purchase if you're feeling for something with telephoto power.


Two wonderful bells and whistles that are included with choosing a pocket digital camcorder are the simple facts that they're just powered by AA batteries and lithium-ion batteries. These two variations of batteries are much better, for one because they're Cheaper than the larger batteries that have 10+ megapixel camcorders. The larger camcorder batteries can often be difficult to switch too. Secondly, AA batteries can be nice if you are going away on a camping trip or to the seaside because you are able to just carry spare batteries to replace the current ones if they die out. Now could you do the same with a larger camcorder? Certainly not! Unless you're looking to squander a pile of cash on an very big battery for your 10+ megapixel camcorder in that case they almost certainly wont perform so well when traveling. Besides, if you are traveling with a superior camcorder you wont be capable to charge it either. The batteries can last for a very long time but haveing a backup ready to go in case you are going to do a lot of filming may be the way to go


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Remington WDF-1600 Electric Shaver: The Best Electric Shaver for Ladies

Adorable Packaging


If you need for an authentic stunner, you can find yourself just right on track! Remington WDF-1600 Electric Shaver for females will surely uphold in your elegant guise. It really is embraced in white shade giving off that simple still modish impression. Also, it is speckled with a purple flush to spice up the apparent tone. You can find but even more than what your eyes can easily see for you may as well grab a share of the ease and comfort feel. Its handle is simply right to squeeze into any women's palm.


Seamless Cutting


In relation to ridding yourself of those body hairs, aim for the one which gives you utmost precision as there is not one other guru in finely-detailed cutting but Remington WDF-1600 Electric Shaver. It's armed with twin blades to cover more skin surface as a result trimming more hair follicles in mere one glide. No need for another round of shaving strokes for one would suffice. In effect, getting skin irritation is unlikely to happen. Quick and easy the SmoothCut trimmer is perfect for use on frail and challenging to shave body areas.


Comfortable Shaving


Remington WDF-1600 Electric Shaver can certainly provide you with that skin pampering shave. Specifically, the shaving top is characterized by two safescreens including a comfort strip. Body Contour Safescreens glide in line with the conforms on the body for your close shave minus the irritation. On the other hand simply no sort of pressure is triggered onto the skin all through your shaving session. Not just that, the Comfort Strip moistens the outer lining to counteract dryness which will probably cause irritation.


Versatile Functionality


Shaving is really a considerable grooming concern hence the electric shaver is a must-have vanity tool. No wonder, Remington WDF-1600 Electric Shaver has been personalized for use in your desired place and time. It is highly competent at cordless procedure designed with a rechargeable battery and charging indicator. It is an excellent thing that you may delight in your shavetime while having your refreshing shower. Anytime you prefer a dry shave though, you are free to do so as the unit is operational either in dry or in wet niche. Indeed, nothing else does it better than Remington WDF-1600 Electric Shaver.


Get that feminine precision shave only with remington electric shaver once you decide to Buy Electric Shaver which no doubt you will anytime soon.

Top 10 CCTV Camera Uses

A CCTV camera is of course first and foremost a security measure and is used as such for preventing crime. However the way in which it achieves this is varied, and at the same time it can also perform many other different roles and functions. Here we'll look at a few of those different uses for CCTV and you might find yourself surprised at just how much you can do with it.


Protecting your staff: CCTV camera can protect your staff in many different ways. Firstly it can protect them physically against violence from customers, but at the same time it can also protect them against false accusations – perhaps coming from colleagues or even from clients and customers. For example if a customers claims your member of staff has sold them something faulty you can in fact find out if this is true.


Spotting fires: Of course your fire alarm is your main defence against fires, but a CCTV camera can be surprisingly effective too and can actually in some cases even catch them earlier.


Spotting vandalism: Not all crimes are theft, and this way you can spot people scribbling on your walls or breaking your windows too.


Spotting theft from the till: Likewise not all theft comes from the general public. Sad though it is, probably more theft in fact comes from staff. This way you can prevent this from being an issue.


Spotting accidents: CCTV security camera can be useful in case someone falls over whether they are staff or customers. This way you can send someone over to help them as soon as possible which is important from a moral perspective but will also help to prevent scandal at your workplace.


Preventing crime: CCTV allows you to catch perpetrators, but in fact that is not its best role. The best job a CCTV camera does rather is to actually prevent crime from happening by threatening to catch perpetrators should they commit.


Aiding the police: CCTV can be used to aid the police in tracking down your things – so even if the perpetrators do get away, you can hopefully get your belongings back.


Helping the community: At the same time if you have a camera set up outside your building you might also be able to catch things going on in the street and can this way come forward with evidence to help your local community. Of course putting any criminals away for theft in your shop will also indirectly help the community by removing at least one menace from the streets.


Encouraging good behaviour: CCTV encourages the best behaviour and manners from your staff as they know they're being watched thereby ensuring that they run the workplace as best as possible 24/7 as though you were in the room.


Giving you extra feedback: Finally with a camera you can see how the business runs from a third party perspective and this can be very useful for making changes and improvements. This way you can also find any little things that are wrong and see how you absence affects the workplace.


There is tonnes that CCTV can do for you. Follow the links for CCTV Spy Camera and more.

Best Electric Shavers For Men – Finding The Right One

The quest for a clean, smooth – pain free shave has been an elusive one for some. When one considers that most men must shave every day and that doing so can leave your skin sore and irritated by traditional razors – finding the best electric shaver for men is a must.


So what is it that makes a good razor? There are a number of factors that one should consider when shopping for the best electric shaver for men and the features on these new razors have come a long way.


There are rotary shavers, foil shavers and wet-dry shavers. Rotary shavers use heads that spin with cutters. These types of shavers are relatively quiet and are simple to clean. Foil shavers typically feature 2-4 floating heads with oscillating cutters that allow for a closer shave than rotary shavers. Wet-dry shavers are foil shavers that can be used in the shower or even with shaving cream!


Many razors regardless of the type come in a cordless variety utilizing rechargeable batteries that can provide 12-18 shaves on a single charge. Many also include a charge indicator so it's obvious when the razor needs recharged. Last but not least many razors also include a number of trimming accessories as either attachments or built into the razor that allow for trimming of hair, beards and mustaches.


Many men feel that a traditional razor and shaving cream shave is the closest, smoothest shave out there however this is still up for debate. Speed and convenience weigh heavily in the comparisons as with many of today's razors one can shave on the go without the need for shaving cream, sink or mirror.


Finding the right electric shaver for men requires taking the time to review the options and what you think will work best for you. Review sites can be of great assistance in helping you make a good choice such as this one Shavers Hop & Shop

Buying A Professional HD Camcorder


Professional HD Camcorder


HD or High definition electronics are beckon of the future. What are the special features of HD Camcorder, and what makes them so special? The most special feature of a these camcorders is its ability to record in HD, that is, in high definition.


These camcorders have the capability to record more than two times the resolution of regular digital camcorders. As a result, the image is cleaner, clearer and crisper in every frame.


Worrying about the cost? There is good news! The cost of professional HD Camcorder has reduced tremendously in last few years. Just a few years back the high definition camcorder, which didn't cost, any less than $3500 is now easily available for $1000 or less.


Buying a professional HD Camcorder


It is no way an easy decision to make when it comes to buying a professional Camcorder. If you enter an electronic shop, you would be amazed by seeing a wide variety of HD camcorders available, from all different brands; and they all look so professional.


However, before paying your hard earned money to buy one, please have a look at different configurations and the price offered. Following are some of the features which you might like to consider before taking a decision:


This light feature is one the very important features which is usually ignored; but in actuality, it is very important and one of the factors, that would determine how sharp the quality of the picture is. You have to see if the camcorder is capable of capturing frames in semi-dark places efficiently, and is equipped with the light sources; this is what it makes it professional.


There are many versions of the professional camcorders available, but opt for one which is capable of capturing applauding frames.


They should also ideally have CCD sensor to capture all the three colour channels.


Normally people chose normal camcorders over professional HD camcorders, taking them to be too high profile for regular use. Keep in mind, that the camcorder is not a grocery that you buy every day. It is wise to invest in a professional HD camcorder, and would make you a proud possessor of the same.


A few best brands on the market, that you might consider buying are: Sony DCR-VX2100, JVC GR-HD1, Canon XL2 Digital etc. There are also good camcorders from companies like Kodak, Panasonic. They are almost flawless.


Good Luck with your shopping!


Spy Cameras – Types of Spy Cams In The Market


The spy cam industry has developed and risen considerably over the period of time. Despite the fact that, previously spy cams were massive, weighty and intricate, most of all pricey, spy cams have transformed a great deal from the evident CCTV behemoths of former times. While certainly, these conventional cameras still survive and are used often, for typical homeowners who would like to guard their families and their possessions, there are more than a few choices to decide on. The moment you have realize why you need a spy camera in your home; after that make out what kind of spy camera is suits your needs. There are numerous kinds of spy camera to opt for with each having unique elements and advantages. To maintain you well-versed however, here are a small number of the trendier spy camera kinds for you to opt for.


Hidden Spy Cameras: These are now all the rage and are integrated inside domestic things that can mingle absolutely and flawlessly in any house or workplace atmosphere. Air purifiers, smoke detectors, EXIT signs, wall clocks and even computer speakers can all be tailored to contain a hidden spy camera. The most excellent thing concerning hidden spy cams is that not a soul will ever distinguish there is a spy cam in surrounding area that indicates that not a soul will ever realize that they are under surveillance.


Wireless Spy Cameras: These give persons using it the best control and simplicity with reference to where they are set up and how they are managed. In view of the fact that there are no cables to be concerned about, wireless spy cameras on average have an enhanced broadcasting range between camera and receiver than other typical spy cameras and stay hidden from snooping eyes. These are valuable in keeping an eye on bigger houses and to keep an eye on it from an extended range.


IP Spy Cameras: These function in precisely the equivalent manner like a typical hidden spy cameras, nevertheless using IP spy cameras, you can transmit live videos on the internet and watch it on your notebook or PC from anywhere in the world and can get synchronized video recording of what is occurring, providing an enhanced peace of mind and protection for persons using it.


Body Worn Cameras: These are genuine spy tools similar to the one shown in Hollywood movies like James Bond. These look as if standard parts of accessories such as, coat buttons, pens, wristwatches, sunglasses, cigarette lighter, car remote key or even belt buckle. Body wearable cameras are at present inexpensive and are ideal for open-air surveillance since these are often miniature in size, therefore you can carry them anywhere you go with no one able to recognize it.


As mentioned above there is an extensive choice of spy cameras to opt for in recent times, each having its own distinct aspects and advantages? So as to you make the finest selection when it comes to purchasing a spy cam, you must have knowledge of the cause and situation that bring about you making use of a spy cam. Browsing internet for high-quality spy products and best deals is an excellent thought in recent times!


For more information on wireless camera and on mini camera, please visit: cctv spy camera


How to Shop for the Best Flat Screen TV Stand

After having your new flat screen TV weighed and measured, you are now ready to shop for a flat screen TV stand. Like most buyers, you may be one who tends to overlook the importance of complementing a new flat TV with a more appropriate stand. As the piece of furniture that provides anchorage to your latest home theater acquisition, it needs to be of the right quality and style. When there is a variety of colors, materials and sizes available, thinking about these points can help you narrow down your options.


The first thing you should think about when buying a flat screen TV stand is space. Can your floor space accommodate the bulk of your new flat TV? Getting the right fitting stand is as important as getting the right HDTV. If you happen to have bought a flat TV that is too big for your living room space, a good stand can still make it work. You can either use a wall mount TV stand or a corner TV stand. Wall mounted TV stands are professionally installed TV stands that allow easy adjustments to various viewing angles. On the other hand, corner TV stands gives you a rectangular sized stand that easily fits into the corner of your living spaces. A nice corner stand also brings welcome accents to the decor of your home. If you happen to have a spacious home, then a robust console and home entertainment center would be a great addition to your living room. This practical yet space consuming type of TV stand is more expensive than other types of stand, but it can definitely give you more ways to organize and enjoy your new TV and home theater system.


Durability is another important consideration. It does not need to be robust to be strong enough to support the weight and frame of your TV. To determine whether or not a stand can provide a nice anchor to your flat TV, the dimension and specifications of the stand must complement the dimensions and specifications of your television set.


The flexibility refers to its ability to allow ease in viewing angle adjustments. It also refers to how well the stand facilitates positioning and repositioning of your TV as well as its cable management. Flexibility is often a challenge with wall-mounted stands. Since its mounting location is final, all your cables and wirings can be neatly tucked away in the wall and out of sight. This could be a hassle for those who are living in rented homes, where landlords may not agree on putting holes in their walls.


Cable management can be a real problem with you ended up picking the wrong type Finding your way through the wires and cables attached to it and other home theater appliances is difficult if they are not neatly tucked together. Hence, a good TV stand must allow the cables to run through the back panel and hang out through the central column for tucking.


As a rule of thumb, go beyond aesthetics when shopping for it. It needs to be of the right size, shape, material and quality to ensure optimum viewing pleasure and secure anchorage for your precious flat screen.

The Wireless Home Security System Camera


The Wireless Home Security System Camera is the greatest invention when it comes to adding a great measure of security to your home. They are inexpensive to buy, very easy to install with few things that could affect their performance and they can be bought in every configuration you can think of.


Some of the versions of wireless security available are:


Night Vision

Outdoor Waterproof

Underwater Versions

Movement Activated

On board Memory

Chemical Resistant

And so forth

People put them in garages, kitchens, patios, businesses and just about any place they are legally allowed to watch people. They can even be hidden almost anywhere. As a matter of fact, there are several places on the internet that sell camouflage items for wireless cameras.


Camouflage items you can buy:


Fake cans of popular brands of shaving cream that hold a video camera.

Garden ornaments complete with sun light that hides a camera.

Coffee makers that hold a wireless video device.

Little ornaments that go in house planters that hold tiny cameras.

Kitchen canisters with place for a camera.

You get the idea. The list is long.

What people fail to realize is that all of these locations feature HIDDEN devices. What this means is that unseen devices will not deter one crime and this is their one possibly fatal flaw.


A hidden wireless home security system camera will faithfully record intruders murdering you in your bed right down to close ups of the killers who have no idea they are being recorded. You have to make sure that your security system has two kinds of cameras at least.


The hidden varieties mentioned above are fine if you suspect someone of snooping in your home while you are gone, want to check up on family activities while you are out or if you want to keep an eye on employees.


An excellent example: A liquor store owner I know couldn't find how his inventory was going missing. A hidden video camera over the back door caught a janitor taking out full bottles in garbage bags.


If you want to make sure that no one enters while you are gone or sleeping, make sure that some of your video equipment is highly visible. It is best if some of the cameras you buy have small flashing LED's (light emitting diodes) on the front letting everyone know they are there and are recoding.


The best I have seen in a wireless security system is in a patio where the wireless home security system camera was easily visible and the owners placed a mirror behind the camera so that people walking by knew the camera was there and got an idea of what it was seeing and recording.


Another great idea is to put out a few fake cameras. There is no way for an intruder to know if it is real or not.


Make sure, also that your home has many stickers around the outside letting people know that your home is under constant twenty-four hour surveillance. This in itself will make you a lot safer.